1407 Air Cadets

Squadron Activities - Venture Adventure

In keeping with the Corps' motto 'Venture Adventure' all squadrons are expected to take part in a range of activities. In the Corps it is not uncommon to find cadets on many activities such as sailing, rock climbing and similar pursuits - albeit something not constantly available. Dependant on staff availability a set range of activities are held on a regular basis. Some of these help lead to the BTEC award, some to the Duke of Edinburgh award, and some are just had for the fun and experience. All are equally important and cadets are encouraged to try as many activities as possible.

The list in the sidebar gives a range of activities performed on a regular basis by the squadron. The pages provide information to give everyone an idea of exactly what we do and giving useful information to help people know what is required for each activity. The pages also present a guide to improving skills where appropriate.

Please be patient as the pages aren't ready yet - as each becomes available the text will turn from grey to blue.