1407 Air Cadets


The Air Training Corps offers the chance for cadets to train in fieldcraft; camouflage and concealment, not setting up tents. This gives cadets an idea of what it is like to partake in basic manouvers undertaken by the Army. All activities are without any form of weapon, real or fake.

Cadets learn to wear standard combat clothing (Combat Soldier 95 / CS95) and apply camo-cream. Training for this section mostly takes place in woodland or similar areas to make for efficient learning. Cadets get a chance to work in groups trying to camouflage the team to keep them hidden from the other team. The balancing training section for this is scanning and spotting techniques. This teaches the cadets a thorough and methodical means to find hidden objects or people.

Training goes further with skills such as silent communications (hand signals) and the best way to move as a group.