1407 Air Cadets


The Air Training Corps offers a chance for cadets to experience flight training in light aircraft. Cadets get to take a flight in the RAF Grob Tutor at their local RAF station. The flying takes place during weekdays so participants will need to take some time off school for this - however, the flying counts towards a BTEC and is an invaluable experience for anyone.

Whilst in the air the cadet will be talked through the controls of the aircraft and then given a chance to take control. The training is progressive and helps teach cadets the fundamentals of flying, both the simple theory and in practice.

Alongside the flights in the Grob Tutor the cadets occasionally get to fly in other RAF aircraft. These flights range from transport helicopters to, on the very rare occasion, fast jets. This is most typical on camps where flying is operational and it is quiet enough for the pilots and aircraft to be available for the flight.