1407 Air Cadets

BTEC Awards and Cadet Classifications

The Air Training Corps (ATC) offers each cadet the chance to gain BTEC awards through the Cadet Vocational Qualifaction Organisation - CVQO. The BTEC is offered inline with one of the Corps' original aims of education and is based on the ATC syllabus. The syllabus is centred around military aviation, but provides lessons which can give cadets a knowledge beneficial away from the ATC or RAF.

The training is split into four distinct sections which cadets will be helped through, each section (except the first) being assessed by a formal exam - no fear though, the exams are multi-choice question papers.

Exam Tips

  1. Although we provide structured lessons for each subject it is beneficial to take the lesson material home to read through before the lessons. This helps you have an idea of what will be taught, and what you may need to ask questions on in the lesson - don't try to remember the material, or understand it - just a quick read through.
  2. Re-read (only) the appropriate chapter after the lesson, this helps put the knowledge into memory. Best read as soon after the lesson as convenient.
  3. Ask questions - if you don't understand it ask, and keep asking.
  4. Concentrate on just one subject for the exam instead of two if you are struggling with it.
  5. Read the whole exam paper - questions and answers - before considering picking up your pen.
  6. Go through the exam paper answering the easiest questions first - if you don't know the answer as soon as you see it move on.
  7. Read all four answers before answering - sometimes answer 'a' may look right, but 'c' is the correct answer.
  8. If unsure of the correct answer put a mark (well away from the selection boxes) against the definitely wrong answers - at least it improves odds for guessing.
  9. Check the exam through at the end, leave nothing unanswered.
  10. Don't stress - there are always resits, and BTEC is less important than GCSEs and A-Levels.

With the exception of point 4, all of the above advice can help in any exam.