1407 Air Cadets

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can my disabled son/daughter join?
A. Yes, certainly. Just come down and chat with us, if your son/daughter has any special requirements please make sure the squadron staff are aware of them. We will always work our hardest to make everyone feel welcome.

Q. If a parade night activity is running late, can my son/daughter leave before the end of night?
A. Yes. If any cadet leaves the squadron before final parade it is important they let the Duty NCO or a member of staff know. However, it is the cadets responsibility to catch up on any missed information and let people know if they are still available for up and coming events.

Q. My son/daughter will not be able to make it to cadets the following parade night, is this okay?
A. It's understandable that cadets need to miss the occasional night, although they will get most from the Corps as a regular attender. They just need to fill in an Absence Notification Form before the night in question.

Costs and Subscriptions

Q. How much does it cost to join the ATC?
A. There is a yearly subscription payable by the squadron for each cadet we have. Cadets pay a yearly subscription of £144* (payed at £12pm) regardless of attendance. If a cadet wishes to leave they need to notify us so the billing can stop.
*Corrrect at Feb 2016

Q. My son/daughter won't be attending for a couple of months due to exams, can we stop paying subscriptions?
A. No. Unfortunately the subscriptions are based on a yearly fee, the monthly payment is purely to make money management more simple.

Q. Are there any additional costs involved?
A. Occassionally. Virtually all parade night activities are included in subscription costs. However, camps and other events do have to be payed for, a typical payment of £45 (varies depending on activity) for a week long camp will cover all accomodation, food and activities - only spending money is required.

Q. Are the staff payed?
A. All parade night time is volunteered freely. Uniformed staff may claim a small bounty if working for the ATC for longer than 8 hours in a day. This money does not come from the same budget as any cadet activities though.


Information on the photo gallery

Q. I'm not happy about my son/daughter being in one of the photos
A. E-mail webmaster@1407aircadets.org and include a link to the photo you are unhappy about. I will remove the photo as soon as possible. Please also notify me as to whether it is just that photo you are unhappy with or if you wish to have no photos of your son/daughter published.
We have provided forms that should be signed by parents concerning publishing of photos, if you have not received one please contact us.