1407 Air Cadets

Squadron Staff and Roles

The following lists only some of our staff, this page is in the process of being brought up-to-date.

Commanding Officer

Karin Scott
Flight Lieutenant RAFVR(T)

Responsible for over seeing the staff and ensuring the squadron runs smoothly. Squadron DofE officer, and Wing deputy DofE officer.
Qualifications: BELA, bronze/silver DofE assessor, first aid, heartstart trainer, FMT600 & MIDAS, food hygiene.

Squadron Senior NCO

Stacy Porter
Sergeant ATC

Responsible for drill, discipline and takes command of the squadron in the CO's abscence. Squadron shooting officer, Wing deputy sports officer - in charge of netball and hockey.
Qualifications: Drill instructor, weapons instructor, SA(SR)07 & shotgun safety, first aid, heartstart trainer, CSLA.


Paul Harper

Responsible for moral guidance and support of cadets & staff.

Radio Officer

Edward Rose
Civilian Instructor

Looks after the squadron radio training and equipment. Created and maintains the squadron website and a DofE leader.
Qualifications: BELA, bronze/silver DofE assessor, Archery leader, first aid, food hygiene.

There are further staff, for whom we are awaiting photos.